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Roles of heterogeneity in non-equilibrium collective dynamics (RHINO 2020)

· Date: August 18(Tue.)~20(Thu.), 2020

· Place: Online (ZOOM) & APCTP Headquarter

· Website:

· Overview

: Complex phenomena such as information spreading, evolution, and learning typically emerge from the interaction between a number of constituents. We focus on systems in which the constituents are already of a macroscopic scale so that microscopic symmetries are spontaneously broken. Our key question is how such heterogeneous constituents interact with one another to exhibit universal behavior. To answer this question, RHINO 2020 aims at putting together various approaches to the roles of heterogeneity in complex systems from theoretical studies to big-data analyses.

· Invited Speakers: Takashi Shimada (University of Tokyo)

Hiraku Nishimori (Meiji University)

Yukie Sano (University of Tsukuba)

Kousuke Yakubo (Hokkaido University)

Nobuyasu Ito (RIKEN)

Toru Ohira (Nagoya University)

Fumiko Ogushi (Osaka University)

Sang Hoon Lee (Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology)

Junghyo Jo (Seoul National University)

Hye Jin Park (APCTP)

Deok-Sun Lee (Inha University)

Hang-Hyun Jo (The Catholic University of Korea)

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