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Recent Activities of the Division of Plasma Physics (DPP)

Mitsuru Kikuchi AAPPS-DPP Chair


Fig. 1: Group photo of AAPPS-DPP2019.


The Division of Plasma Physics (DPP) annually holds the Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics. The third annual conference (AAPPS-DPP2019) was held in Hefei, China and was hosted by DPP Vice Chair, Prof. Ge Zhuang of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) from November 4-8, 2019. Figure 1 shows the group photo of the Hefei conference.

Table 1. Distribution of presentations

* Plenary includes summary and evening talks, Laser invited includes semi-plenary.

There were, in total, 392 participants for the third annual conference. Table 1 shows the distribution of the 431 presentations for various sub-disciplines. Since the DPP participated at the 14th Asia-Pacific Physics Conference (APPC 2019) at Kuching as well (with 89 DPP participants at APPC 2019), there were less participants at the Hefei conference (392) than at the Kanazawa conference, which was held in 2018 (682).

AAPPS-DPP Plasma Innovation Prize

The DPP founded a new annual prize called the "AAPPS-DPP Plasma Innovation Prize" to recognize outstanding contributions to experimental and/or theoretical research in all fields of plasma applications, focusing on the impact to industry made by the contributions. The first laureate of this prize is Prof. Roderick W. Boswell (Australian National University) who received the award in 2019, especially for his invention of novel "helicon plasma sources". The award ceremony was held at the opening session of AAPPS-DPP2019.

AAPPS-DPP Young Research (U40) Award

Since 2016, the DPP has been recognizing, annually, young and talented plasma researchers who are not more than 40 years old through the AAPPS-DPP Young Research Award (U40). The DPP presented six awardees - Min Chen (laser plasma, SJTU); Wei Chen (magnetic fusion plasma, SWIP); Hui Tian (solar plasma, PKU); Rongsheng Wang (space plasma, USTC); Zhiyong Qiu (fundamental plasma); and Keigo Takeda (applied plasma, Meijo Univ.) - as the U40 recipients at DPP2019 (Fig. 2). The winners each received a cash prize of 500USD, a plate and a certificate. Their citations can be seen at

Fig. 2: 2019 AAPPS-DPP Young Research Awardees.

U30 Scientist and Student Award

Since 2018, the DPP has been recognizing young and talented doctoral scientists / students who are not more than 30 years old through the AAPPS-DPP U30 Doctoral Scientist / Student Award. This award is sponsored by the IFE-Forum. The 2019 awardees are Sidip Mandal (solar plasma, Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research); Xiaofei Shen (laser plasma, PKU); Zhisong Qu (magnetic fusion plasma, ANU); Masahiro Yano (laser plasma, Osaka Univ.); Rupak Mukherjee (fundamental plasma, IPR); and Weixin Guo (magnetic fusion plasma, HUST) (Fig. 3). Awardees each received a cash prize of 300USD, a plate, and a certificate. Their citations can be seen at

Fig. 3: 2019 U30 Doctoral Scientist / Student Awardees.

AAPPS-DPP2019 Poster Prize

Starting in 2019, the DPP has recognized significant poster presentations at the annual conference through the AAPPS-DPP Poster Prize for both students and young/senior researchers. Among 85 poster presentations, 20 posters were selected. Winners received a certificate and a gift (a Springer book on plasma physics)

APPC 2019

The Division of Plasma Physics (DPP) contributed to APPC 2019, which was held in Kuching, Malaysia from Nov. 17-21, 2019. The DPP shared three session rooms (Basic and Applied Plasma, Astro Plasma, Magnetic Fusion Plasma) during the conference with 89 total participants, which was administrated by DPP Vice Chair Prof. R.S. Rawat (Nanyang Technological Univ.). The 2019 S. Chandrasekhar Prize laureates, Prof. Kazunari Shibata (Kyoto Univ.) and Prof. Liu Chen (Zhejiang Univ.) gave plenary talks at APPC 2019. As in APPC 2016 in Brisbane, the AAPPS-DPP Chandrasekhar Prize ceremony was held during the conference banquet. Certificates were awarded to the two laureates by the president of AAPPS, Prof. Gui-Lu Long (Tsinghua Univ.).

Fig. 4: AAPPS president GL Long presents certificates to the 2019 S. Chandrasekhar Prize of Plasma Physics laureates at APPC 2019.


Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics (RMPP) is a review journal specialized to plasma physics. The first volume (2017) published 10 articles. The second volume (2018) published 9 articles and the third volume (2019) published 15 articles. Recent publications are shown below.

Fig. 5: The latest articles in Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics, published by Springer-Nature.

All of RMPP's articles from 2017 (Volume 1) to 2020 (Volume 4) can be found in the sharable links at


AAPPS-DPP started with 92 founding members in 2014. As of June 4, 2019, the DPP has 1825 members around the world. The regional distribution of our members is as follows: India (782), Beijing (371), Japan (278), Korea (106), US (51), Australia (45), Taipei (30), Nepal (26), Thailand (18), France (17), Pakistan (13), Malaysia (12), UK (9), Philippines (8), Italy (9), Indonesia (8), Iran (5), Singapore (4), Vietnam (4), the Netherlands (3), Bangladesh (3), Russia (2), Laos (2), Switzerland (1), Myanmar (1), Egypt (1), Czech Republic (1), Canada (1), and Belgium (2).


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