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Quantum Geometry and Duality Ⅰ

· Date: July 30(Thu.)~August 1(Sat.), 2020

· Place: Online (ZOOM) & APCTP HQ

· Website:

· Overview

: This is the first workshop of the APCTP Topical Research Program "Quantum Geometry and Duality". A series of seminars will be provided with active discussions. Topics of this workshop are based on recent development in string theory, theoretical gravity and quantum field theory. We also run virtual sessions simultaneously. One may attend this workshop through an on-line application. The link of the virtual sessions will be distributed to participants.

· Invited Speakers: Dongmin Gang (APCTP)

Euihun Joung (Kyung Hee Univ.)

Hyeong-Chan Kim (KNTU)

Mitsuhiro Nishida (GIST)

Kyung Kiu Kim (Sejong Univ.)

Jung Hun Lee (GIST)

Kanghoon Lee (IBS)

Hisayoshi Muraki (APCTP)

Chanyong Park (GIST)

Miok Park (KIAS)

Yunseok Seo (GIST)

Sang-Heon Yi (UOS)

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