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Particle physics in the post-Higgs era Ⅰ

· Date: August 20(Thu.), 2020

· Place: Online (ZOOM) & Konkuk Univ., Seoul

· Website: https://www.apctp.org/plan.php/snail2020-1

· Overview

: The origin of the asymmetry between matter and anti-matter of the Universe is one of the biggest unsolved problems in particle physics and cosmology. Leptogenesis as a mechanism for generating the cosmological baryon asymmetry of the Universe has gained significant interests ever since the advent of the evidence of non-zero neutrino masses. In this lecture, I pedagogically review on the mechanism of leptogenesis and allude to recent developments in this subject.

· Invited Speaker: Sin Kyu Kang (Seoul National University of Science and Technology)

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