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Australian Institute of Physics

At its annual general meeting, held in Melbourne on 11th February, the new executive of the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) for the two year period 2019-21 was elected. The new president is Professor Jodie Bradby, a professor at the Research School of Physics and Engineering at the Australian National University where she leads a group on high pressure physics. In 2015 she was the Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics Lecturer.

Other members elected were Professor Sven Rogge (University of New South Wales, vice president), Dr Kirrily Rule (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, secretary), Dr Judith Pollard (University of Adelaide, treasurer), Professor Stephen Collins (Victoria University, registrar). As well, Dr Olivia Samardzic (Defence Science and Technology Group) and Dr Gerd Schröder-Turk (Murdoch University) are special project officers. The immediate past president is Professor Andrew Peele (Australian Synchrotron).

A major task for the AIP in 2019 is to work with the National Committee for Physics (NCP) of the Australian Academy of Science to review the Physics decadal plan 2012-2021: building on excellence in physics, which was released by the NCP in 2012. The result will be an updated document, to be published in October 2019. It will take into account feedback from consultation with the Australian physics community over the past year, and changes since the original decadal plan was written (i.e. new discoveries, new challenges, changes to grant systems etc.).

The new document will be structured around four key issues:

Education in physics: Achieving a physics-literate workforce and community

People in physics: Realising human capital

Research in physics: Building on research and investment

International engagement in physics: Engaging in the international enterprise of physics.


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