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20-022 Heavy neutral leptons at ANUBIS

Martin Hirsch, Zeren Simon Wang

Physical Review D 101, 055034 (2020)

Abstract Recently Bauer et al. [arXiv:1909.13022] proposed ANUBIS, an auxiliary detector to be installed in one of the shafts above the ATLAS or CMS interaction point, as a tool to search for long-lived particles. Here, we study the sensitivity of this proposal for long-lived heavy neutral leptons (HNLs) in both minimal and extended scenarios. We start with the minimal HNL model where both production and decay of the HNLs are mediated by active-sterile neutrino mixing, before studying the case of right-handed neutrinos in a left-right symmetric model. We then consider a U1_[B−L] extension of the Standard Model (SM). In this model HNLs are produced from the decays of the mostly SM-like Higgs boson, via mixing in the scalar sector of the theory. In all cases, we find that ANUBIS has sensitivity reach comparable to the proposed MATHUSLA detector. For the minimal HNL scenario, the contributions from W’s decaying to HNLs are more important at ANUBIS than at MATHUSLA, extending the sensitivity to slightly larger HNL masses at ANUBIS.

#publication #paper #Electroweak_interaction #Extensions_of_fermion_sector #Hypothetical_particle_physics_models #Particle_decays #Particle_interactions #Particle_mixing&oscillations #Particle_phenomena #Particle_production #Majorana_neutrinos

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