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20-011 Expanding 3d N = 2 theories around the round sphere

최종 수정일: 2020년 5월 14일

Dongmin Gang, Masahito Yamazaki

Journal of High Energy Physics 02 (2020) 102


We study a perturbative expansion of the squashed 3-sphere (S_b^3) partition function of 3d N = 2 gauge theories around the squashing parameter b = 1. Our proposal gives the coefficients of the perturbative expansion as a finite sum over the saddle points of the supersymmetric-localization integral in the limit b → 0 (the so-called Bethe vacua), and the contribution from each Bethe vacua can be systematically computed using saddle-point methods. Our expansion provides an efficient and practical method for computing basic CFT data (F, C_T , C_{JJ} and higher-point correlation functions of the stress-energy tensor) of the IR superconformal field theory without performing the localization integrals.

#publication #paper #Chern-Simons_Theories #Conformal_Field_Theory #Supersymmetric_Gauge_Theory

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