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20-009 Radiative neutrino model with semiannihilating dark matter

최종 수정일: 2020년 5월 14일

Haiying Cai

Physical Review D 101, 035006 (2020)


We propose a two-loop induced radiative neutrino model with hidden gauged U (1) symmetry, in which dark matter of Dirac fermions arises. The relic density gets a contribution from annihilation and semiannihilation due to a residual Z_3 parity. After imposing the requirement of neutrino oscillation data and lepton flavor violation bounds, we find that semiannihilation plays a crucial role in order to satisfy the relic density constraint 0.117 < Ωh^2 < 0.123, by proceeding near either one of two deconstructive scalar resonances. Our numerical analysis demonstrates the allowed region for the DM-scalar coupling with the DM mass in (80, 400) GeV.

#publication #paper #Form_factors #Neutrino_oscillations #Particle_dark_matter

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