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The 1st APCTP-TRP workshop for Physics of the early Universe

  • Date: May 29(Fri.)~30(Sat.), 2020

  • Place: Jeonbuk National University

  • Website:

  • Overview: This is the first APCTP-TRP workshop for Physics of the early universe which is aiming to promote discussions and collaborations among domestic and international researchers in the field of the early universe cosmology. The workshop is planned to consist of a few seminars per day in order to have enough time for discussion and searches of new ideas initiating new collaborations. As the starting stage, we begin with a few seminars by domestic researchers.

  • Invited Speakers: Seokhoon Yun(KIAS), Sanghui Im(IBS-CTPU), Heeseung Zoe(DGIST)

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